7 Trendy 3D Table Lamps – First Choice of Interior Designers

2019 was full of many exciting trends, including bold floors, nice gray wall, and wooden furniture. Some of these trains have continued to be popular among stylish people, while others are over. Whether you are buying a new home or redecorating your rooms or renovating it completely, 3D table lamps can add a gentle touch of glamour. Trendsetters never found it out of fashion.

Interior designers are expensive. So you cannot hire them all the time to decorate your home. But you can at least shop like them. In that case, Indian Vibes should be your ultimate destination. It has turned online shopping much easier than you think. You will be surprised to know that many renowned interior designers shop their desired products from a place where we shop every day. Indian Vibes is such a place.

This online marketplace is much affordable than your imagination. But when it comes to the materials used for these 3D table lamps, you will be amazed to see its quality. We understand that you want to spend a small fortune on these table lamps. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be chic or sophisticated. Here you will find some high-end designs at an unbelievable price range. All these magnetic products are energy efficient and environmentally safe. So you can illuminate your room anytime without hurting your electricity bill. If you have kids in your home, they will fall in love with some of these designs. Here are a few whimsical designs that perfectly reflect your sophistication with style.

1. Miss T – A 3D Bedside Table Lamp

Mr. T  - A 3D Illusion Lamp

Miss T adds curate whimsy to your aesthetic. Its beautiful design showcases a triangular-shaped table lamp from afar. But when you carefully observe, you understand the magic. No matter what color you have in your room, you can place it anywhere. If you want, you can place a book or a scented candle just beside it, and this alluring lamp will illuminate your home brilliantly.
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2. Mr. I in white – A 3D Table Lamp

This one is another statement piece. The round shape of this classic lamp creates an eye-catching aesthetic. The strength of this Masterpiece is it will functionally accent the room for years to come. Apart from the design, this one is also stable and durable. Its acrylic shade perfectly diffuses the light. So, add a luxurious touch to your living room with this white beauty. The same piece is also available in red.
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3. Mr. Z – A 3D Illusion Lamp

This whimsical collection is the perfect example of old wine in a new bottle. Its traditional design looks impressive. On the other hand, its 2D feature creates a distinctive look of modern art. 14.5 inches height makes it cute as well. It is energy efficient. So you don’t have to worry about overheating. This functional optical illusion will bring several accolades for you.
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4. Mr. V –A 3D Table Lamp

Mr V 3D Table Lamp On

Are you looking for a nice piece that complements your accent setup with its ambient lighting? Then this one is a must-have for you. This elegant piece is smart and compatible. Its brown base looks beautiful. The center stage is grabbed by its unusual design. When you switch it on, it creates magic and instantly grabs everyone’s attention. Place it in your home or office and create a great ambiance.
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5. Mr. U – A 3D Table Lamp

This optical illusion adds buttoned-up appeal. Its sophisticated design and excellent black finish look quite impressive. When you switch it on, its clean-cut Acrylic bright glass shade creates magic. Light flows through the line brilliantly. Now your late-night sessions will be illuminated with a warm glow.
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6. Mr. R – A 3D Table Lamp

Mr. R - A 3D Table Lamp On

This chic will be the show stopper in anyone’s home when it comes to design and looks. This cute 6 inches LED table lamp knows how to attract everyone with illusion. Whenever you invite guests in your home, place it anywhere in your room, and it’ll create a perfect ambiance.
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7. Shiva 3D Light

Shiva 3D Light

Let’s take a look at a unique piece that is entirely different from the other table lamps. Shiva is a Supreme Being. He not only creates but also protects the universe. So people buy this extraordinary table lamp to remove all their limitations. If you want your business to grow or if you want to attract abundance in your house, you shouldn’t miss the chance to bring Lord Shiva in your home.
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